Basic Coaching


*Includes 4 (1) hour Coaching Sessions to be completed within 3 months


VIP Coaching

*Includes 10 (1) hour Coaching Sessions and 1 (4) hour Breakthrough Coaching Session to be completed within 6 months


Custom Coaching

*Personalized Coaching Package to accommodate the needs of the client

A La Carte Sessions


*Add on sessions can be included with the purchase of a full package for when more Coaching may be needed


Melissa Rose

De Grazia

Melissa Rose De Grazia is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in interpersonal communication. She gained her certification from the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California following her studies in broadcast journalism at Santa Monica College. In addition to her educational accomplishments, it is her life experiences that best informs her frame of reference and her ability to guide her clients toward their goals. From commanding the stage in her childhood talent shows to performing the national anthem in a full arena for the Los Angeles Clippers. As a dancer on the set of Bye Bye Love and a contestant on Bravo’s The Kandi Factory, to a substitute teacher working with special needs children. Add in the roles of wife, mother of four, and bicoastal flight attendant, and Melissa Rose’s experience is unparalleled. She is well versed in the winding roads that life takes us on. More so, understanding how to communicate with the different people we meet on those roads.



Harmonious Connections fosters grounded relationships and effective communication by means of guided encouragement to work through personal challenges


To inspire healthier interpersonal connections and sustainable bonds by supporting, empowering,  and challenging individuals to bridge all communication gaps


What is a Life Coach?

The International Coach Federation's (ICF) definition of a coach is a professional who supports, empowers and challenges individuals to help them realize their personal and professional goals. The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level of trust and connection between coach and client. The coach helps the client clarify their own agenda and supports them in creating and following through on a strategy to achieve their goals